Is Our Water Safe?

Once thought to serve a worthy purpose, to prevent dental cavities, the practice of fluoridation of our public water systems that commenced in the 1940s, has instead proven to create serious health issues. Today over 185 million Americans now drink fluoridated water. It may surprise you that this figure exceeds the number of people in the rest of the world combined that do so.

The widespread U.S. fluoridation program is not the result of popular demand. Neither is it based on sound science. Rather, the practice continues in the US either due to legislative ignorance and the incompetence of our political leaders, or to serve more sinister interests.

I have been aware of the fluoridation of our public water systems for as long as I can remember. Like most people, I accepted it as probably a good thing, supposedly to prevent dental decay. And like most people, I had no idea that the practice of fluoridation is actually a serious health threat.

I live in San Diego, California, “America’s Finest City.” San Diego only started fluoridating the water in February 2011. As I have recently learned, this was about the same time that more enlightened municipalities were beginning to STOP the practice.

On September 15, 2015, I happened to run into one of our City Council Members at a social function — actually a local Farmers’ Market. I mentioned to him that it seemed stupid to fluoridate the entire water supply just to apply fluoride to our teeth. Surely there is a more efficient means of applying fluoride to our teeth, than to fluoridate millions of gallons of water with it. It is one thing to fluoridate our teeth, but why should we water our lawns with fluoride, wash our cars with fluoride, or bathe in the stuff?

He seemed to share my view, but explained, “But it doesn’t cost much.”

My reply was, “It really doesn’t matter what it costs. If it cost only $1 per year, it seems a dollar wasted.”

The practice began the year before he took office, so he was not involved in the debate or decision. He indicated he would look into it, and invited me to email him.

This chance encounter raised my curiosity about the practice, which prompted me to do some research on my own.  What I learned was shocking. It turns out that the controversy over fluoridation has been heating up in recent years, and with good reason.  Fluoridation of our water supplies has been shown not only to be ineffective in promoting dental health, but has actually created major health risks.

That is bad enough, but there actually may be something far more sinister lurking here.

The practice of fluoridating our water supplies needs to be halted.  But before that will happen we need to raise public awareness and demand changes in state legislation that currently requires certain municipalities to fluoridate the water. The purpose of this website is to help accomplish that purpose.

If your community is fluoridating your drinking water, please explore this website.  Your health and life, and that of your loved ones, may be at stake. Since we are only just beginning this project, please be sure to check back for updates.

David Kennedy, DDS, of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, has produced a wonderfully informative feature documentary on the topic of water fluoridation. The documentary is entitled, “Fluoridegate – An American Tragedy”, and calls upon numerous scientific authorities to tell the truth about fluoridation. Watching this hour-long video may be the best way to become aware of the issues surrounding water fluoridation.

Paul Connett, PhD, Saint Lawrence University Professor Emeritus of Environmental Chemistry, is an outspoken opponent of fluoridation. Start your further exploration of the topic by watching his presentation, “The Case Against Water Fluoridation” in our video documentary section.

Dr. Connett is also featured, among many other scientists and academics in a longer documentary, entitled “An Inconvenient Tooth” also found here.

Please share this information with your neighbors and friends across the US.